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From the DDB archives:
In 1960, the campaign stretched into a series of posters that placed in subways. For this particular campaign, the slogan was “You don’t have to be Jewish to love Levy’s.” and images of various ethnic groups enjoying the bread as the main visual. The concept was derived from its previous success in reaching the unexpected targets. Bernbach also changed the company’s name from Levy’s Real Rye to Levy’s Real Jewish Rye. Though at first Rubin objected to the name change for the anti-semantic clash, Bernbach once again persuaded him by saying, “For God’s sake, your name is Levy’s. They are not going to mistake you for high Episcopalian’ (Levenson, 1987).

As a result, posters of the campaign was copied and parodied by many people because of their humorous and simple appeals.

Although the ad budget was small, $50,000, DDB once again prove to be able to create another successful campaign. Like what he did for Ohrbach, Bernbach gave Levy’s bakery a lasting personality.

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