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April 13 2010


Amazon's amazing growth compared to US retail and e-commerce

A cool chart courtesy of Silicon Alley Insider says it all:


GAP e-commerce goes iPad: touchCommerce !

GAP launched an iPad e-commerce app. It's gorgeous, mixing content and shopping, and making great use of the tablet's touchscreen gestures. Here's the video demo:

April 02 2010


March 22 2010


Tony Hsieh on Zappos and delivering happiness

Check out this presentation by Tony Hsieh, CEO of, about delivering happiness to yourself, your employees and your customers:

March 15 2010


New Zappos TV ad, highlighting their unparalleled customer service

This is the first TV spot in a new campaign for Zappos, the online footwear and apparel retailer. This spot was created by Mullen in Boston, MA.

Here it is:

March 10 2010


E-commerce innovations: extreme retailing

Are you ready for "Extreme Retailing" ?
E-commerce has evolved more in the last 12 months than in the last 12 years, with a combination of entertainment, game mechanics, and innovative shopping models.

According to Megan Conniff from the US National Retail Federation's big blog, here are 3 ongoing trends:

1. Deals and discounts (
2. Urgency retailing (
3. Private shopping clubs ( and its hundreds of copycats worldwide)

And here are 5 upcoming trends:

1. Local discovery & promotion (
2. Mobile empowerment
3. Community and crowdsourcing (
4. Mass customization
5. Game Mechanics/entertainment commerce (

I so agree with Megan (and with Jochen and Jason from Exciting Commerce, a recommended read by the way...)!

Bonus: here's a video of Joshua Goldman's presentation at the Retail Innovation & Marketing Conference, explaining's killer commerce model:

March 05 2010


February 05 2010


Venteprivé 2009 revenues and 2010 projections

According to Journal du Net, here are the latest figures from online private shopping club leader Vente Privée :

2009 figures:
- revenue: €680m, +33% vs. 2008
- 2009 profit: 6-7%
- 9.7m members, +12.5k per day
- 15% of sales only are made outside of France
- sales action : 2,500 sales in 2009 with 1,200 brands

2010 projections:
- €850m revenue,
- 25% growth,
- 2.5m new members,
- 3,300 sales,
- 250 new hires.


January 29 2010

17:57 '09: sales +28% to $24.51 billion, profit +40% to $902 million

And here are the slides from Amazon's Q4 '09 earnings webcast:

January 04 2010


US e-commerce Holiday sales reach $27 billion

First off, Happy New Year everyone!

According to comScore, online Holiday sales (from Nov 1st to Dec 24th) reached $27 billion, a YoY growth of 5%.

Here's the comScore data breakdown:

December 24 2009


December 16 2009


GSI Commerce does coop e-mail marketing for its clients

From Internet Retailer

"In a bid to help its individual retailer clients compete with large cross-category online marketplaces for a prime piece of the holiday shopping pie, GSI Commerce Inc. rounded up more than 30 of the retailers on its e-commerce platform for a co-operative e-mail marketing program.

Discounts and deals in GSI’s “World’s Greatest Friends & Family program," which started Sunday December 13 and ran through December 14, were promoted by each retailer to its customers via e-mail. The e-mails directed recipients to a special landing page on the retailer’s site that showed offers from all of the participating retailers. The offers also were posted at"

December 14 2009


December 10 2009


Le Web Paris '09 social commerce / e-commerce highlights

Here's my personal selection of e-commerce / social commerce moments from this year's LeWeb conference worth checking out, pulled-up straight from the Ustream feed of the event!

1. From the Main Stage: Always insightful business, company culture and customer service anecdotes and advice from Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

2. From the Start up Competition:

- Storific, a set of tools enabling online retailers and their employees to manage their customer communications and promotions on twitter and Facebook in one centralized/shared dashboard (jump to 22:41 for their demo)

- Shutl, a cool service from the UK, turning competing courrier and express delivery providers into a real-time web service for online retailers, enabling online shoppers of retailers using the service to have their on-line purchases delivered within 90 minutes of checking out or selecting a 1 hour delivery window at a time of their convenience – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! (jump to 33:42 for their demo)

- Not e-commerce but still I had to plug them, they're awesome: Tigerlily, a CMS-like Facebook app to manage your Facebook Pages, so cool (jump to 28:53 for their demo)

3. Here's a way too short roundtable, with low-interest questions and answers, on "How has the real-time web changed your e-commerce business?", with Zappos (USA), Vente Privée (FR), Otto (DE). Too bad, the topic was well worth exploring fo real.

4. And here's a little bonus, Gary V's intervention, about "crushing it" and giving a crap about your customers, before the conference's closing remarks. Always hard-hitting and hilarious. Enjoy!

December 01 2009


Can you make the cut? Luxury brand launches: online and by invitation exclusively

Von Rosen one ups closed-community shopping websites...

This 1-year old German luxury fashion label has launched a special business: it's online, with limited collections, and by invitation only.

If David Von Rosen has not invited you, well... you can send him a request, telling him who you are and what you do, and he will decide if you're worth being one of his customers...

“All customers have the right to choose a brand,” Von Rosen told “We wanted to turn the perspective around and choose our customers. We don’t want money as the only hurdle to exclusivity. Yes, we’ve turned down people who’ve applied, like a good club would.”

A few figures:
- 10,000 requests since starting the site a year ago,
- has granted access to only 1,500 people,
- has sold about 4,000 items, average price of a sweater is €450, or about $675, shipping not included.

How's that for exclusivity?

I sent him a request... Will I make the cut? And can you?

Hey I made it! :)
Here's the email I received in answer to my membership request:

"Dear Michael S. Levy,

You have asked for access to VONROSEN. Thank you for your interest.

Our customers rely on a high standard of exclusivity. In the interest of our existing customer base, we are only able to grant access to a limited number of enquirers.
Unfortunately, we are not acquainted personally. However, you have us interested by your professional background and the information that we have found about you. We believe that you fit VONROSEN.

VONROSEN brings you the best quality and timeless-urban designs. The VONROSEN-signet is individually engraved with your monogram. As a fashion label from Berlin, we produce exclusively in Italy and Germany. Also, you will never encounter any sales or discounts at VONROSEN. For all orders, including gifts and/or gift certificate purchases, we receive before Dec. 31, we offer you an extended money back guarantee (send back by Jan. 14., 2010). With code XXXXXXXX you can now log on at

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Welcome to VONROSEN!

Yours Sincerely,

Man, I feel so hip right now... See you later, I have some shopping to attend to :)

November 28 2009


November 26 2009


ebay forays into physical retail and private sales

eBay announced plans to open "pop-up" boutiques in 12 cities across the USA in an effort to service holiday shopping.

Pop-up retail is IT right now...

Its first ephemeral store popped up on November 20, in a 5,500-square foot Manhattan location, and will close its doors on November 29.

Also, eBay has launched its very own closed-community event sales website, Fashion Vault... except it's not closed :)

Fashion Vault is open to all eBay members and offers free US shipping. As usual, sales events last for two to three days only, and quantities are limited. Currently on sale: DKNY.

Cool e-commerce & social commerce info this week

Argh. Can't bring myself to post all this info I found this week...
So here's my very own weekly review of things worth noting:

Thanksgiving / Black Friday: US online retail picking up?
According to
According to Forrester
According to ComScore

eBay targeting $500m GMS by mobile users this year!
That's a lot. And they're launching a new app called 'Deals Today'.

Woot! launches deals.woot! and it's awesome
A wooters-powered deal finding community website a very well designed product finder driving traffic to local stores
Complete with price comparison, real-time inventory in stores near you, and consumer reviews straight from the stores' websites. It's

Noteworthy social media tactics by major retailers
Toys'R Us's cool Facebook-only Black Friday catalog and mystery deals campaign

IKEA's genius Facebook campaign:

That's it for this week!



November 23 2009


Top Internet Trends of 2000-2009: E-commerce - Via ReadWriteWeb

In this post, ReadWriteWeb reviews the past decade of e-commerce and the key trends:
- Advances in recommendations technology,
- The explosive growth of social media and social commerce
- The slow but promising emergence of mobile commerce
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